Chemist-Created, Patent-Pending Formulas

Dr. Alessandro Varotto, a renowned chemist, develops every DR.AV formula and product. Unlike many skincare brands founded by marketers or business executives, DR.AV creates products that rely on science from the beginning.

“From the first step, we create products with results in mind, not marketing.”

 From patent-pending formulas that allow caffeine to penetrate deeply into your skin to those that synergize multiple properties for the most impact, our formulas make the most out of every ingredient. We test each component, over and over, to ensure you get the perfect product.

 “Our formulas synergize rare ingredients for the highest potency and most effective results on the market.”

  • Synergized, Botanic Blends

We synergize specific components, from fatty acids to antioxidants, to provide you with the highest potency possible. We make the most out of every single ingredient, which allows our products to remain both simple and highly effective.

  • The Deepest Caffeine Absorption

DR.AV developed a proprietary formula used in our Peppermint Espresso Scrub that allows caffeine to absorb deeply into your skin. While caffeine is widely recognized for its beyond compare age-reversing and restorative properties, DR.AV is the only brand that truly capitalizes on its value.

  • Proprietary, Solvent-Free Extraction Methods

Consciously-Sourced Ingredients

Rather than create products around trendy ingredients, we source ingredients that serve our products to provide you with the most effective formulas for the best results possible. You won’t find any ingredients that don’t serve a real purpose to help enhance your skin.

Unlike many skincare companies, DR.AV knows that where we source ingredients has an impact on their chemical makeup. For that reason, we continuously test every product to ensure each component is as effective as possible.

While many brands make a point of using dozens of ingredients, we make a point of our simplicity. We source every component of our products directly from nature, and each one has a specific purpose.

“We make a point of our simplicity.”

Mild, Solvent-Free Techniques for Small Batches

We source every part of our products from real ingredients with mild, solvent-free techniques. We use no synthetic chemicals or harsh methods to create products for your skin, as we recognize how important and precious every single step is in crafting the perfect product.

 “We recognize how important and precious every single step is in crafting the perfect product.”


Our proprietary techniques guarantee that every component of our products is as pure and high-quality as scientifically possible. With small batches, we know, and you know, exactly what goes into every product we create. Because of that, we guarantee DR.AV products never differ in quality or effectiveness.

 Real Results Proven by Science, Not Assumptions

We use scientific methods to evaluate each part of our products, which means we test not only the ingredients, but also our extraction methods and formulas, to guarantee every DR.AV product produces the most effective results possible for your skin.

Rather than rely on the newest trends or anecdotal evidence, we rely on rigorous, scientific tests conducted by our own team.

 How It Works

Excessive sun exposure and inflammation are the two main causes of skin aging. That's why, when we started formulating our products, we wanted to address both these problems simultaneously.


All DR.AV's formulations contain an ultra rare fatty acid called ximenynic acid. Ximenynic acid is extracted from the seeds of the Australian Sandalwood using a proprietary solvent-free process which guarantees the highest purity and quality. The unique chemical structure of ximenynic acid, which bears an unusual carbon triple bond exactly in the center, has been scientifically proven to inhibit prostaglandins biosynthesis in the skin, which cause inflammation. Our proprietary formulations have been engineered to achieve optimal absorption of ximenynic acid by your skin 24 hours a day.

Ximenynic acid alone has greater inflammatory properties than most other products, but we didn’t stop there. The potency of our products come from the synergistic properties obtained by combining many anti-oxidants at the correct ratio and concentration. Our botanical blends of conjugated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids will lighten UV-induced hyperpigmentation while keeping your skin hydrated all day and fighting free radicals. The results? A healthier, balanced, and glowing looking skin obtainable with a few simple and natural products. Do you have more questions? Ask our scientists at


By inhibiting the activity of COX and affecting the arachinodic acid metabolism pathways, DR.AV's proprietary formulations are scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, lighten UV-induced hyperpigmentation and prevent skin-aging.