A Chemist-Led Brand

A classically trained scientist with a PhD from The City University of New York CUNY and post-doctoral training at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Dr. Varotto spent his life studying how molecules interact with each other. Bringing that knowledge to skincare, Dr. Varotto created an all-purpose line of cosmetics that ensures each product is backed by science, truly all-natural, and as effective as possible.

After spending time in research and development with leading companies in the beauty industry, Dr. Varotto saw how the most successful beauty companies work. With all of DR.AV Skincare’s products, you know exactly what you put onto your skin. There are no misleading claims or hard to understand ingredients. Every product is rooted in an understanding that skincare should be simple, natural, and luxurious.

What All-Natural Means to Us

Sourced from Nature, Not a Lab

Did you know most skincare brands claim to be all-natural when, in reality, they add synthetic, lab-created versions of vitamins and antioxidants to their products? We derive every component of DR.AV products directly from natural sources whose origins you can trace. 

So Wholesome You Can Eat
Look at the ingredients of most skincare brands, then look at ours. Rather than lengthy, artificial chemicals, every element of DR.AV products is edible and recognizable.


Conscientious Choices Through Every Step

Luxury, Tested Ingredients

You know different grapes produce different wines depending not just on the type, but also where they’re grown, right? Now, apply that to skincare. DR.AV scours the world to find the right ingredients from the right sources to provide the most effective benefits for your skin. 

Small Batches

DR.AV products are made in small quantities with a meticulous attention to detail that guarantees impeccable quality every single time. We know exactly what goes into each bottle sold.

Innovative, Patent-Pending Methods

We create each DR.AV product with secret, proprietary methods scientifically proven to reverse and correct aging.

Socially Conscious 
DR.AV runs on an understanding that truly healthy skincare is not just about the products you use, but also the environment around you. For that reason, we partner with farmers and distributors who value sustainability, low waste, and ethical practices. Our line is simple for a reason. The less waste we all produce, the healthier we are.