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Rejuvenate your skin with DR.AV TWO-PHASE NIGHT SERUM

Your daily grind can be damaging to your skin.  Enhance your skin's natural nighttime repair process with our two-night serum.  

Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients includes conjugated linoleic acid and powerful antioxidant tocotrienols.

Phase 1 nourishes your skin while stimulating cellular regeneration and preparing it to effectively absorb our phase 2 skin protectant. Phase 2 contains high concentrations of the rare gamma-linolenic acid (omega-6) and ximenynic acid, which synergistically prevent inflammatory processes that cause skin-aging. Sleep tight while our night serums work together to protect and rejuvenate your skin! Non-comedogenic. Vegan. Allergen free.

USE. Both formulations are highly concentrated in active ingredients and a few drops of each phase are sufficient. Apply at night after cleaning. Gently rub a few drops of DR.AV Night Serum Phase One on face and neck to activate penetration enhancers. Once finished, apply a few drops of DR.AV Night Serum Phase Two.

PHASE ONE INGREDIENTS. Cranberry Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Raspberry Seed Oil*, Sea Buckthorn Oil*, Hazelnut Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Maracuja Seed Oil*, Rosemary Extract*, French Lavender Essential Oil*

PHASE TWO INGREDIENTS. Sandalwood Seed Oil**, Borage Seed Oil*, Italian Roman Chamomile Essential Oil*, Rosemary Extract*

*Organic ingredients

**Australian Forestry Standard and PEFC certified